Unlike other IT and programming firms, we tailor our services to your specific needs by leveraging technologies and processes that perfectly integrate with your existing systems and are easy to manage and understand.


DevOps, which combines software “development” and IT “operations,” is a set of practices and tools that Comcentia has adopted to provide you with high quality applications and services quickly. Whether you need a custom application or support and maintenance of your existing applications, Comcentia is your trusted partner.

Enterprise System Integration

You probably rely on a number of distinct applications to keep your business running smoothly—financial systems, human resource management systems, customer relationship management systems, and others. Yet they may not even talk to one another, posing distinct challenges to your data analysts to extract information and even more serious gaps in cross-functional collaboration and business intelligence. Enterprise system integration is the process of connecting existing IT systems to share and communicate information. Integrating applications enables data to flow between systems with ease, simplifying IT processes and increasing agility across your enterprise, ultimately allowing your staff to be more productive, and your company to make better decisions and achieve better business results. Comcentia’s team of experienced integrators can help you get the most out of your IT investments through integration.

Workforce Solutions

Comcentia is driven to provide an excellent service that will translate into tangible value for our clients. Therefore, in addition to providing DevOps and Enterprise System Integration services, we also offer workforce solutions, including staff augmentation and project management services.