Unlike other IT and programming firms, we tailor our services to your specific needs by leveraging technologies and processes that perfectly integrate with your existing systems and are easy to manage and understand.


Comcentia DevOps team will develop an affordable, accountable, and flexible custom solutions on time and on budget. We provide end-to-end software solution, helping you increase success rate in new software development, conversion of existing system and ongoing maintenance of existing software system. 

Enterprise System Integration

Comcentia team will evaluate, recommend, architect, design, and build best of breed, off-the-shelf commercial and other software components, including developing business cases, calculating costs, and determining ROI to meet your most challenging integration needs.

Workforce Solutions

Comcentia is driven to provide an excellent service that will translate into tangible value for our clients. Therefore, in addition to providing DevOps and Enterprise System Integration services, we also offer workforce solutions, including staff augmentation and project management services.